The Warrior Tour

So tomorrow I start my first ever solo tour! I am excited, nervous, scared, happy and over and under the moon about it! I have battled depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, borderline personality disorder and addiction throughout my life. Many of these things I have recovered from through patience, persistence and a lot of love from friends, family, doctors and most importantly MYSELF. I am sharing this personal information because I want to allow myself to be honest and vulnerable. For too long I was under the impression that others were always doing great and I was the only lonely lost one...but now I know that everyone is fighting their own battle. I also want to share my story in hopes that it will help someone else who feels hopeless or like they could never do great things because of mental illness. BECAUSE of my mental illnesses or whatever you want to call them, I have lit this raging fire in my heart to overcome and to fight and to rise above. I am who I am today because of the pain and self doubt and sadness and hopelessness. My mother asked my the other day why I have named my tour "The Warrior Tour." It is because I have had to fight for what I want and need in my life and I have had be strong and put on my armor to play show after show, to speak with confidence, to believe in myself, to record albums I am proud of, to find in my heart what it is that I want to do and not let FEAR stop me. Music has transformed me from a very angry and depressed girl into a strong and fierce warrior! We are all warriors and the choice is within you! Life is too short and I want to do all the things I LOVE to do with a heart full of love and light. I choose music and I choose life and I chose to fight. Cheers to The Warrior Tour! <3 Catch me tomorrow at TOAD <3 Photo by Jonathan Rummel Complete list of tour dates: