So I thought I'd do a blog today or a Plog?? Haha... P for pictures... It was a rainy day but I have been in good spirits!  Still have a crappy voice where I feel the need to clear my throat and cough over and over BUT as a singer you should NEVER do this if you are sick.  So I've been going crazy holding in all the coughs and throat clears.  If you've ever tried doing this it isn't always easy.  Last night I had to run into the shower to get some relief, the hot steam really calms the need to cough or clear.  If you are wondering why you should never do this its because coughing and clearing can be violent on the vocal folds.  I def do this when I am healthy but when I am sick and need to sing a lot it's a no no because it can be dangerous.  Coughing and clearing causes the vocal folds to slam together over and over.  I have lost my voice because of a cough before.   But so far so good!!!

Here's me cheesing like crazy in my performance outfit, you can see how wet it got!  #shortpeopleproblems. 

I've been warming up for about 20 minutes right before my performances.  Here are two of my favorite warmups as of late.  Lol... 

Uploaded by Liz Bills on 2017-08-05.

Here's another embarrassing one for ya... I'm so used to them at this point they don't phase me... though sometimes I have random people coming up to the car window worried and knocking thinking I am having some sort of episode lol.. or a bandmate will ask me to do it in private because it is embarrassing him.. hehe 

The stage!  Thanks to my buddy and fellow musician Sam we had a tent for the fans too! <3 

Uploaded by Liz Bills on 2017-08-05.

Sam Bamford and Andrew Ryan <3 

Uploaded by Liz Bills on 2017-08-05.

My fav audience member Hashi. 

It poured all during my set, I was worried I'd get electrocuted but still I'm still alive woo! 

Merch man Sweet Baby Ray.  I don't have Liz Bills merch as of yet so Ray gets to take it easy and hang with Hashi. 

We did it! #warriors