When I first heard Liz I was impressed, but with each successive step, I’ve heard growth. In dynamic delivery, full utilization of her vocal tools, consistently strong songwriting and the ability to find unique hooks. Most of all, though, while conveying a confidence and feeling that she is exactly where she belongs. That has always been a strength of Liz’s, her presence just seems to get stronger with each performance. -Geoff wILBUR MUSIC

"Liz Bills and the band: AWESOME! So much energy - they NEED to close for their next Sofar! Amazing engagement with the audience!!” - Sofar sounds

“Sometimes you open the door, and are blinded by brightness. Over the threshold enters an artist who shines so radiantly, you know she was destined to perform.” - CaroLYN KRUZE, cOUNTRY 102.5