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As a professional and touring singer, singing can sometimes come with many different emotions. After going through many different vocal coaches looking for help with no luck, I was losing hope. I stumbled upon Liz through one of her YouTube videos and immediately reached out. Liz has helped me grow and nurture my relationship with my voice and made singing more fun than it’s ever been! And she always has the answers, haha! I’ve never felt this confident in my voice thanks to my amazing mentor, coach, and friend.

Meaghan Z 

Liz is the best!!! I’m so grateful that Liz has taught and guided my teenage daughter over the years in voice, piano and ukulele lessons. Liz was really able to connect with my daughter to bring her out of her shell and help her gain confidence. In a short period of time, my daughter was able to write and record her own songs providing an invaluable creative outlet that will stick with her for life. We are so grateful!


Amanda R

My daughter started voice lesson with Liz at age 9…. After a year she switched to piano. The journey thus far has given her confidence, a love of music and helped her learn responsibility , with practice and weekly lessons. I know this will help shape her into a happy and well adjusted young person!! Liz Bills inspires her students to be individuals and love their truly amazing selves 


Jill C 

My 8 year old daughter takes piano lessons with Liz and we couldn’t be happier! Liz is kind and patient and not to mention an amazing vocalist, pianist and I’m sure many more talents I haven’t listed! 

My daughter looks forward to lessons each week and if she needs help with practice during the week liz has been always been available to help. 

We can’t thank Liz enough for teaching our daughter such a beautiful instrument!



Liz is an incredible instructor with so much patience and positivity for her students. I feel very lucky to have her teaching both my daughters voice, piano and performance!



Liz not only helps students understand music and how to create it— using any number of possible instruments—but she also guides students on how to develop as artists capable of expressing their own souls through their music. She meets students where they are, with unconditional grace and limitless passion for the power of music to heal, connect and transform. She doesn’t create pressure, and instead allows love of music to be a natural motivation. Liz is amazing, and we are ever grateful for her influence in our lives.



Liz is an outstanding teacher!! I found Liz on YouTube from her muscle tension dysphonia videos and she truly opened a new sector of life for me. My whole life, I was unable to sing without throat tension and her videos helped me identify my issue. I started taking lessons with her and they are exactly what I was hoping for. She works with me very patiently and gives me exercises that help make singing more natural and comfortable. I’ve taken voice lessons before, but Liz’s approach with my singing has been more about sensation and feeling and less about guidelines and “one size fits all”. If you are considering taking lesson with her, please bless yourself.



Liz is friendly, courteous, and on time. She is a talented young woman with a gorgeous voice and great style! My daughter was comfortable and was instantly in synchronicity with Liz's teaching style! So far we are very very happy!


Sara L

She has been fantastic with my 7 year old son. He is learning quickly..and looks forward to her coming each week! 


Dana F

Fantastic and very sweet! My son is so happy!


Rachel S 

talented, helpful without judgement, patient, beautiful


Rich L 

As a musician myself and Farther of a beautiful 9 year old little girl that recently beat Leukemia, I noticed my daughter taking an interest in my keyboards, but more so singing. I always found music to be great therapy for myself and couldn't help to think that this would be a great way for my daughter Hannah to get her mind off the past and some normailty back into her life. 


Kelly B

I have enjoyed my Tuesdays now more than ever! 

Learning piano for the first time as an adult seemed like it was a dream, but after just 6 weeks of lessons with this amazing lady I am  able to play my favorite song Oceans she printed out for me and carefully helped me learn and understand! She helped organize a set time and schedule so that with a little practice each week my fingers would feel more comfortable moving smoothly on the keys. She has provided me with lots of resources to remember notes, chords easily and given me a great foundation for could definitely play the songs.  My daughter also loves "let it go " so she even helped piece that song together in a beginner version that is fun to entertain with. Can't say enough great things about her! My daughter will definitely be going to her when she's of age. Talented girl!

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